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Trini-Guyanese. Femme. Black West Indian. Feminist. Writer. Sometime poet.

I like tea, brucking out in a dance, Caribbean Gothic, various ephemera, books, bats and the efficiency of ants.


Any time you make an analysis of an oppressed people in any aspect of their lives and you leave out the enemy, you will never come to a correct analysis. On the contrary, you will blame the oppressed for all of their problems.

Even if one where to talk about the drugs in our community, if you just talk about drugs and not talk about the enemy, you make no analysis at all. If you haven’t brought in the question of who brings the drugs in, why the drugs are brought in, for what purpose they are brought in, you will never understand the problem at all.

When we speak of the conditions of the African masses we begin with the enemy of the African masses, especially the racist, capitalist system in the United States of America.

Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), mid-1990s. (via lastuli)

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Mary Walker on The Phil Donahue Show sharing her experiences as a black woman who has passed as white. 

Thank you, ma’am.

such an important video that outlines so much truth! the unfortunate part is that, the issues and ignorance faced by the panel members are still being addressed today and have yet to be resolved.

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